Designing the Performances of the future

Workshops, Prototyping, XR, Digital Arts, Collaboration

The "Designing the Performances of the future" workshop was a series of workshops I helped design and facilitate while I was working as a research fellow at the University of Arts London. The workshops brought together a number of musicians, performers, and audiences from the Peckham area in London, to imagine the future of phy-gital performances and performance spaces.

We asked the question; how can local venues, performing talent and production teams use innovative technologies, to build engaging performances as active social spaces in local communities?

Members of the local artistic community were able to experience, use, and prototype technologies such as Virtual Augmented and eXtended Reality (VR, AR, XR) co-designing how these and other technologies will be used in performances of the future as well as learning how these are currently used in performances and productions. Participants got experience of innovative technologies, so that they can integrate these into their own performances.

Year: 2022
Collaborators: Vali Lalioti, Bea Wohl, Yun Jung Jang, Alex Newson
Role: Workshop facilitation, Ethics application, Documentation, Prototyping
Location: London
Duration: 1 month
Skills used: Workshop facilitation, User research, Co-design, Documentation, Digital Prototyping, Rapid Prototyping